Plan Early with Funeral Plans in the UK

Funeral Plans in UKAnyone in the UK who is interested in taking care of their funeral arrangements before they pass has options available to them. A pre-paid funeral plan gives you the option to choose how much you want to spend on your funeral as well as all of the details that go into it. This is one of the most common choices for individuals who want to fund their funeral ahead of time so they pass without any stresses on their mind.

If this isn’t something you would like, you can always take out a life insurance policy. This is different from a funeral plan because it only provides your family with money after you pass, but they have to plan the funeral. You could also keep a savings account that will go towards your funeral, but you will have to set this up and make your wishes known so the money is spent accordingly.

Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Plan in the UK

  • The biggest advantage of creating a funeral plan in the UK is beating the rising costs of funerals. The sooner you pay for your plan the less money you will have to pay.
  • There are also a lot of companies that offer plans, which means you have more choices available to get just what you want.
  • The money you pay towards the plan will go into an independent fund that will be spent only when your funeral is being planned. This also means loved ones won’t have to take on the financial burden of paying for things, which can relieve their stress considerably.

Costs Expected Without a UK Funeral Plan

If you’re not completely sold on taking out a funeral plan for yourself, you might want to consider what costs your family would run into when they were planning your funeral after you pass. Not only will prices for funerals go up in the future, so will the prices of everything from cremation to flowers.

Funeral costs can really add up and they can add up quickly. Doctors, ministers, crematory, funeral directors, florists, etc., will all need to be paid. You will also have to consider outfits for family members, transportation, air fare and other details involved with planning a funeral. For more details on the costs of funerals visit the money advice service, which is a free independent advice centre that can give you more insight as to what expenses your family will have to deal with.

What if You Don’t Have a Funeral Plan?

Millions of people pass away without funeral plans, which means that things would get taken care of no matter what. Unfortunately, lack of planning will mean your family having to pay for and decide on all of the details for the funeral. This can be extremely stressful and emotionally trying for most loved ones because they are just starting the mourning process at this time. A funeral plan gets rid of all the questions and financial stress that most families deal with right after their loved one passes.

Laws in the UK Pertaining to Funeral Plans

  • Only individuals 18 or older can take out funeral plans as consenting adults.
  • Giving someone else the power of attorney is often required. This will empower another person to take care of your funeral plan just as you desired.
  • The law requires your money to go into either an insurance policy or a trust fund. The majority of funeral plans will use a trust fund.

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