How Prepaid Funeral Costs Benefit Families

Prepaid Funeral CostsIf you’ve ever had to plan a funeral then you already know how many decisions go into the process. Not only do you have to make big decisions, like how the deceased should be buried, you also have to take on financial responsibilities. This is why prepaid funeral costs are becoming so popular with people who want to prepare for the future. These plans help cover the expenses that are incurred with any funeral, which makes them very useful.

What are Prepaid Funeral Costs?

Just like the name states, this is something that pays for a funeral prior to a death. The person who is planning for the future will pay for their funeral so that all expenses are covered ahead of time. The expenses that are covered can be individual or they can be for the entire funeral. The individual expenses being covered is generally the most common because it allows the payer to determine what they want.

For example, if you were to prepay your funeral costs, you would be able to pay for what you wanted to spend for each aspect. This could mean a few thousand for a burial or up to a thousand for a cremation. You would also be able to choose how much is spent on everything from your urn to the flowers. You can be in financial control of all decisions when you pay for your funeral expenses ahead of time.

After you pay for everything for your funeral, you will have to give someone else the ability to take control of the finances for when you pass. This generally requires a power of attorney, but this depends on where you live and the prepaid plan you choose. That person will be able to access the things you have already paid for so that they do not have to pay for them. To find out more about the prepaid funeral costs you can visit the Connecticut Network for Legal Aid and find out more.

Why is Prepaying Important?

When people don’t prepay for their funerals, their families generally have to pay for everything up front. While there might be a will set in place, these normally aren’t paid out until several weeks or months after the death. Paying ahead of time will not only ensure your funeral goes the way you want, it will also ensure everything is paid for that needs to be. No family members will have to deal with the financial burden of paying for the casket, burial, director fees or other important things.

Benefits of Prepaid Funerals

  • You get to choose how much is spent on different aspects of your funeral, which means it will go how you would like it to. Everything is paid for before you pass so if you want something extravagant you don’t have to feel bad about your family covering it.
  • You can enjoy your final years in peace when you know you will be leaving all of your loved ones without a lot of financial burden. While they will still have to help plan the funeral, they will not have to pay for it.
  • You can pay for your funeral while you have extra money so it doesn’t get tied up in a savings account or other areas where family members can’t easily access it.

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