Funeral Plans in South Africa

Funeral Plans in South AfricaPlanning a funeral in any country can be difficult for the loved ones of a deceased. Fortunately there are funeral plans available that you can take out before you pass. These can ensure that your friends and family members don’t have to deal with the stress of figuring out how the will pay for everything after you have gone. Funeral plans in South Africa are only becoming more common because they are so useful.

Funeral plans in South Africa can cover everything from the type of burial the deceased wanted to religious ceremonies. There are a lot of rituals that are performed for deaths in South Africa and most of them cost money. The plan will pay for everything that the deceased wanted to have in their funeral so their family doesn’t have to worry about all of the expenses. This can give the policy holder peace of mind through their final years and the family some relief when they are grieving.

What’s the Cost of a Funeral Without a Plan?

The cost of a funeral in South Africa can reach into the thousands. This is due to religious rituals, burials, cremations, flowers, family ceremonies and much more. All of these things cost money, including things like the death certificate, which have to be filed for the deceased. The National Bureau of Economic Research published a study into the costs of funeral is South Africa and found that:

  • Approximately 25% of people had adequate Funeral Insurance Plans to cover them for the cost of the funeral.
  • The cost of the funeral averaged almost a years salary
  • And that almost 25% of the people surveyed had to borrow money to pay for the Funeral

Most funerals that happen in this country are lavish celebrations that honour the person who has passed. Although these are generally worth the money because they allow everyone to pay their respects, they can get expensive. Many families don’t realize just how much money simple things like groceries will cost for huge groups of people. Even the appropriate clothing can add up in cost for most families.

What if there is no Funeral Plan?

If you didn’t take out a funeral plan, your family would have to take on the funeral decisions and expenses on their own. Sometimes this even means having to take out a loan just to pay for the basics, like food and a casket. Unfortunately, these loans can take years to pay off and only remind the family of the deceased. No funeral plan means your family has to figure out what to do next to honour your memory.

South African Laws Pertaining to Funeral Plans

  • You have to be 18 or older in order to be classified as an adult. This means nobody under the age of 18 can take out a funeral plan in South Africa, unless they have the support of their legal guardian.
  • The policy holder will have to hold someone accountable for their funeral wishes, so a power of attorney is generally required. This person will be able to access the funds for the funeral so they can plan everything as loved one wanted.
  • Funeral plans in South Africa are not required, but they are encouraged to offset the large costs of funerals. Many families spend up to one year’s salary on just one funeral.

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