Guide to Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Flower ArrangementsNo funeral is complete without beautiful flower arrangements to adorn the room where people will be mourning. The right flowers can make the room go from empty and expressionless to beautiful and loving. There are a wide variety of different flowers and arrangements to choose from, and picking the appropriate ones can be confusing for many. This guide can help you make the right choice so you can move on to other decisions that need to be made.

What are the Best Flower Arrangements for Men and Women?

When it comes to choosing funeral flower arrangements for a woman, many people prefer to use soft colors, including: pink, lilac, yellow and green. Wreath arrangements in a heart shape are popular as are baskets with a mix of different flowers. A mixture of different colors of flowers can add a nice warmth to the funeral and make the room feel more feminine. Roses, lilies and chrysanthemums are just a few of the flowers you can choose from that symbolize peace and purity.

Funeral flower arrangements that are chosen for men are generally simpler than those for women. Many times you will see white flowers because they symbolize peace in death. Sometimes red may be mixed in with the white because it symbolizes love. Lilies, roses and carnations are among the most commonly used flowers in funeral arrangements for men.

What are the Traditional Flowers to give at a Funeral?

Anyone who is giving flowers at a funeral should take into consideration the person who is deceased as well as their family. This means recognizing religious beliefs, allergies, preferences and wishes. Many times simple rose arrangements are appropriate, but carnation arrangements mixed with lilies are also common. There is a difference between Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers and the difference is explained on the following website:

Funeral Flowers vs Sympathy Flowers

What Costs are Normal for Funeral Flowers?

Every funeral is different based on the flowers requested, amount needed and size of arrangements. Some families can end up spending thousands on flowers while others will only spend hundreds. There are also situations where the funeral home will purchase the flowers, but the family of the deceased must pay them ahead of time. This is often incorporated into a packaged deal, which will vary in price.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

Anyone who is sending funeral flowers can expect to spend $100 or less. This price will vary based on the type of flowers, their color, the size, etc., but they can be expensive. Delivery costs also have to be kept in mind when sending arrangements to a funeral.

Working with a Local Flower Shop for Funeral Flower Arrangements

Local flower shops are best to deal with because they offer kind service, attention to detail and quick delivery. Most local companies will also offer discounts based on the volume of flowers that is purchased. When going into a local shop it’s important to ask for ideas for arrangements and to discuss all options that are available. Most shops will show pictures and samples to give the family an idea of what they have.

Although flowers may not be the biggest of the funeral arrangements that need to be made, they are important. They can transform a funeral and make the loved ones feel a lot better during the healing process.

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