Guide to Funeral Arrangements in Ireland

Funeral arrangements irelandPlanning a funeral in Ireland is much like planning a funeral in the United States, with a few differences. You still have to consider what the deceased would have wanted and you still need to get everything done so that they are properly taken care of. If you’re looking to make funeral arrangement in Ireland, there are a lot of things that have to be done. It can be confusing, but by following the right steps you should get it taken care of in a timely fashion.

Funeral Home Contact

If you want some help with the process, contacting a funeral home that is close by you is important. You should make sure to compare at least two or three different homes, just to see who offers the best price. Most funeral homes will have plans available that each cost different amounts.

Some homes are going to be more expensive than others and a lot of what goes into the price depends on the choices that you make. Your funeral director will be able to walk you through the entire process so that you have help with planning.

Body Arrangements

If the deceased wanted to be cremated, then arrangements for that need to be made right away. You will have to choose an urn and determine what will be done with the ashes, if anything. A lot of people in Ireland prefer traditional burials, especially if they would like a traditional Irish burial. This really depends on the deceased and what their preferences were, including any that were religious.

Ceremonies for Religion

Most Catholics in Ireland want to be buried according to their religious beliefs. This is an extremely important part of planning funeral arrangements in Ireland and cannot be forgotten. You will find that Funeral Wakes are commonly associated with Irish Funerals and are generally considered to be a celebration in the final send off for the departed, involving dancing and drinking.

Your funeral director should also be able to give you information necessary to plan out the vigil, wake and burial. Contacting religious figures is also common so that they can perform the appropriate ceremonies.

Important Details

A lot of people will want to give you flowers in order to express their sympathy. You can choose to accept these or you can choose to allow people to make donations. In addition to this, you need to plan out what music is going to be played, where everything will be held and what flowers will be present. All of these details will need to be determined before the funeral can begin.

You should also be thinking of who is going to speak, what is going to be said and how long the entire process will last. It’s also common to put an ad out in the newspaper so people know where to go and when.

A lot of people generally show up to these funerals, which is why the arrangements have to be determined ahead of time. Funeral arrangements in Ireland can be made if you take some time and consider all of your options. Each person who passes is different with their desires, so always make sure to consider those before you begin.

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