Funeral Arrangements Checklist

Funeral Arrangements ChecklistPlanning a funeral can be a very difficult, stressful and daunting task. When the loved one who has just passed away was an important public figure, it is usually way more difficult to make all the necessary funeral arrangements. However, the good news is that all these overwhelming tasks can be simplified if you have a proper funeral arrangements check-list.

Thinking of all that minor details is a must if you want to have a flawless funeral ceremony in the memory of your loved one. This is why making your own funeral arrangements check-list is more than often a wise decision. The following guide is a standard one and can be applied for any funeral ceremony, whether you live in USA, Canada, UK, Australia or South Africa.

1. Choose the Right Type of Funeral Service. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you choose the proper funeral service. For example, while a direct funeral service includes all the staff and basic funeral services, such as filing death certificates, coordinating plans with the crematory or cemetery, obtaining proper permits, transportation services and choosing an urn, a traditional funeral service and a memorial service include some extras, such as embalming and preparation of the body, a funeral ceremony and sometimes a graveside service.

Some other details you need to write on your check lists might include:

  • Whether an open or closed casket present. Also, consider which flowers are the best and most appropriate for the event.
  • The place where the ceremony will be held: whether at the funeral home or in a church.
  • The transportation. This is an integral aspect of a funeral which is many times overlooked. You can order a funeral coach and an extra limousine for family members.
  • The funeral service. Think whether you would prefer to sing more songs or to include those poems that relate to the kind of person the deceased was. If he was a famous songwriter or artist, make sure you present a few of his masterpieces and sing a few songs he or she composed. Moreover, pick out unique memorial cards to distribute to all visitors.

2. Participants. Another tremendously important aspect of funeral arrangements is to choose those people who would participate to the ceremony. Carefully pick famous funeral officiators, clergy, pallbearers, musicians and close relatives.

3. Check-list With all the Duties. Another important aspect you don’t have to neglect when getting ready for a funeral is to prepare a check-list for everyone involved in organising the ceremony. You should clearly state each of your family members’ attributions in order to ensure that you will play it safe. Everything has to go by the book and has to be perfect, especially if you want to honor the memory of your dear one who is not among us any more.

While someone needs to apply for a burial permit and a death certificate, somebody else needs to schedule all important meetings, including the burial service. Someone else can write and publish the obituary, while another member of the family or a professional funeral planner can organize the reception for the guests as soon as the ceremony is over. Don’t forget the flower arrangements, pictures and videos, eulogies, music, seating arrangements, memorial cards, grave marker and accommodation of relatives.

For a shorter concise list, there is more a pdf that can be printed off from the care givers library, this will help you have a complete control of the Funeral Arrangements Check-list.

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