Funeral Arrangements: What to Include and What to Expect

Funeral ArrangementsIf you have never planned a funeral before, there are a lot of details that go into this event. It is going to be difficult, stressful and hard, but the support of family and friends should help out quite a bit. This article will give you some information about what you should expect so that you can better prepare for what you need to get done. Remember that nobody is able to do things perfectly, so don’t be scared to ask for help and lean on your loved ones!

Steps to Arranging a Funeral

The first step will be to choose whether the deceased should be buried or cremated. If you choose burial, you will need to get a plot, grave, casket, grave liner and headstone in order to get everything done. If entombment is chosen, although not common, the deceased will need to be placed in a casket that will be housed inside of a tomb.

This is generally one of the most expensive options out there. When it comes to cremation, you just need to choose an urn and where it will go. Some people choose to bury the urn while others keep it in their home. Keep in mind that the deceased may have had wishes as to where they wanted to be scattered.

After you have decided which option you want to go with, it will be time to contact a funeral director. You can choose to contact this person first; it just depends on how much you already know about what you want to do. They will be able to help with the funeral arrangements by showing you different options and letting you know what has to be done.

They can show you what plans they have available, which will include their fees. Their merchandise will vary based on what you choose and what they have to offer. Some funeral homes are more expensive than others, so keep that in mind when choosing one.

Your funeral director should provide you with advice about the death certificate as well as what needs to be done for the deceased. It’s important to discuss with them any religious ceremonies that need to happen. This should be something you already know based on what the deceased wanted before they passed. If you’re not sure, it will be up to you do decide based on what you think they would have wanted.

When it comes to planning the memorial service, you will need to choose a date as well as what flowers you are going to have there. You can allow people to send in flowers, but you can also have people send in donations instead. There are a lot of different floral funeral arrangements to choose from that local florists will normally be able to prepare quickly.

Keep in mind that if you purchase a package from a funeral home, some flowers may already be included. Also think about what music you want to play, who you want to invite, how you are going to invite people and all the other small details that are essential.

Once you have the basic funeral arrangements drawn out you should be able to take some rest and relax. Unfortunately this entire process normally gets done within a day or two, so everything moves very quickly. You will have to pay for services up front, which is why prepaid funeral plans and insurance are so important.


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